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Real Estate

The Importance of real estate investment.

Real estate investment is considered as one of the most important and big investments in the whole world for accompanying all the other kinds of investment. It is also  considered as the safest and least risky investment if it is well planned and realistically analyzed launching from a balanced economic idea.

Real estate in Oman

Real estate in the Sultanate has a growing sustained movement due to the sustained development in the country since the seventies, the economic vision that supports the growth of real estate and the public facilities, utilities and the other important infrastructure. The recent years witnessed a rising growth in the investment of real estate supported by the balanced economy that encouraged the growth mechanisms in the various economic areas.

Real estate in other countries

Real estate differs in each country according to the accompanying projects, infrastructure and clear strategies. Real estate investment can be dangerous if it is not based on real studies with realistic needs.

The Group Companies

Oman – سلطنة عُمان

#Sandan Development LLC

سندان للتطوير – Sandan Development LLC

#Sandan Industrial Park

مدينة سندان للصناعات الخفيفة – Sandan Industrial Park

#The Myriad

#United Real Estate Company

العقارات المتحدة – United Real Estate Company

#Al Madr for Real Estate Development

المدر للتطوير العقاري – Al Madr for Real Estate Development

#Al Najim Al Hadi Constructions

النجم الهادي للمقاولات – Al Najim Al Hadi Constructions

UAE – الإمارات العربية المتحدة

#Strategic Housing Group

مجموعة الإسكان الاستراتيجية – Strategic Housing Group

Kuwait – الكويت

#Prime Real Estate

برايم العقارية – Prime Real Estate

Sri Lanka – سريلانكا

#Sandan Lanka

سندان لانكا – Sandan Lanka