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The importance of the touristic investment

The importance of the touristic investment rises in the increasing interest the states pay for this sector as an alternative economic source for countries with a single source as the oil-producing countries and as a main sector for countries with no natural and environmental resources suitable for manufacturing and exportation. It is also considered as a vital sector that witnesses various transitions at the global level supported by the growing demand on the touristic destinations for the different economic, social, cultural and religious purposes. The tourism sector emerges as a promising area and renewable for the long-term investments with various levels of the touristic servicethat business presents in the different countries.

Tourism in Oman

Tourism in Oman tends to have grown and developed according to the future vision for Oman’s economy which takes into consideration the diversification of the income resources. Many tourism projects in Oman emerged with a prominent qualitative nature and are supported by the official orientation that goes towards building a tourism base that depends on a high quality in presenting the tourist services which attract tourists from all over the world. It is still an open opportunity to invest in this area as long as life goes on.

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